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Yes, Africans partook in the American slave trade and yes, slavery itself is not an uncommon practice by any means. What you failed to mention were the different practices of slavery between African slaves and the chattel slavery that took place in America. I don’t have the time to list them all out, but have a couple of links saved if needed. Either way, slavery is a horrid concept, but if given the choice I would have happily chosen African slavery over chattel slavery if I were a slave back then.

Yes, some freed blacks did in fact own slaves. Once more though you failed to shed light on the whole story behind that. A large majority of free black slaveowners were purchasing their family members and loved ones whom were not to be legally freed unless there was given written consent from the white master saying so. As law abiding citizens, the freed blacks bought family and loved ones as legal slaves and became their master. As for being slaves in all, they could not leave the state nor could they have any land or housing be sold or rented to them. Thus, they had to live with their new black masters who “owned” them as “slaves” only in the legal sense.

The other portion of freed blacks that were actual slave owners were mostly found in the deeper south. They were vastly the mulatto bastard children of previous slave owners or ancestors of freed slaves. Mulatto children were treated much different. Mainly because they were obviously known, but never to be spoken of, offsprings between black enslaved women and white slave owning men.

Mulattos for the most part would play it safe and took to the white southern community yearning to fit in no matter what. So much so they did anything they could to distance themselves as far away from anything that could compare them to those who were darker-skinned. Conforming completely to white society was worth it to them as they would be considered more white than black which would make them be treated nearly as complete equals. In fact, a law was passed at one time which allowed anyone with a small (specified fraction) amount of ancestral black lineage would be deemed as a legal white citizen.

It should be obvious by now that our news media loves controversy and can “spin” events to fit a bias narrative that best fits with their majority viewer demographics ideologies and views. It’s done a great job of manipulating the perspectives of viewers from all viewpoints and ideologies. Just. Like Rodney King and and other issues that could be spun into a potential controversial topic.

Hispanics are actually the highest percentage of TANF recipients, but white children are the highest percentage of children in poverty (children are the majority of beneficiaries). White TANF recipients were only 5 percent less than black recipients. Overall 42% of all assistance program beneficiaries are employed. In actuality, working class Americans are paying for other Americans whom nearly half are also working as well. That doesn’t seem to fit the overly exaggerated welfare stereotype.We are in America of course so there’s always the choice to be petty and over-dramatic over 5% because of skin color. Sure as hell won’t effect me either way.

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