I am concerned with what will happen next in law and culture. I look around the world and I see…

Yes, and 52 of 57 muslim countries completely agree with you that those aspects of Sharia Law are wrong and should not be used anywhere in the world. The majority of the Muslim society does not want or allow any of the inhumane acts or punishments, you stated, in their modernized practice of Sharia.

It is obviously based around religious faith, so naturally it will differ somewhat in ideologies of what is criminal and to what degree of seriousness each crime is taken with compared to western criminal practices. It is similar to the U.S. Justice system in the aspects that Sharia goes by innocent until proven guilty, uphold binding obligations in contracts, the rights to personal property, and allowing women to initiate divorce proceedings. There are some Muslim countries that allow citizens the choice of Sharia or secular court as well.

In actuality, Sharia and U.S. laws are already both being used because many American-Muslims use Sharia for personal religious obligations. It in no way overrides U.S. law and no support for it to be enforced on non-American-Muslims. So, this is concern that is more of, ill-informed caused, paranoia than a legitimate fear of actually happening.

American media over emphasizes the few countries or areas that still use the brutal punishing methods and laws of ancient times. Reality in the majority of the Muslim world contains more civilized laws and punishments even the parts of Sharia that is embraced. There will always be radicals in every aspect of humanity, but very few are an actual threat and this one is not. So, no need to fret about this instead we should focus on far graver issues.

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