Climate is supposed to change. Kills me that EVERYTHING is not caused by global warming.
Chris Devany

Yes and no. Yes the climate changes on Earth throughout time. No, it’s not suppose to change as it simply just changes, but it’s caused by events and not by a predictable naturally reoccurring process. The Earth is suppose to orbit the Sun opposed to comets hitting the Earth which isn’t suppose to happen.

Yet they do hit Earth from time to time as their trajectories change. That is due to more random events happening in space (if that example helps.. or makes it worse I don’t know, but I tried). Every climate change was brought forth due to other varying worldly events.

No one sane is to argue against the fact that climate change happens as the issue is the rate in which it is changing as of right now. It will cause mass extinction and possibly the end of not just human life, but all life.

Every living organism on this planet needs generations of adaptation as a species to adjust to massively changing conditions such as living in far warmer temperatures.

No species can survive a warmer planet with current evolutionary adaptations, but with every future generation that survives is another step closer to our species fully adapting to a warmer climate.

Unfortunately, we are falling further behind every second in our sprint to keep our biology at pace with the Earth’s biology, simply put.

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