And women don’t think about men as possible
Ormond Otvos

Yes, everything that someone else experiences that you haven’t is just everyone else blowing things out of proportion as the world knows that only the problems faced by Ormond Otvos and those who have or had nearly identical experiences, as Ormond, are the only legitimate struggles faced in society.

Only you Ormond know what it actually feels like to have troubling experiences which are completely sensible troubles that need or needed to be addressed with the upmost urgency.

How do you survive living a life where your problems or struggles are the only ones that matter and are real actual problems?! Without having only your, Ormond Otvos, experienced struggles as guidance then where would society get it’s standards for knowing which of our own personal experiences is or is not a struggle to us?!

Bless you for enduring every struggle and bad experience, so that anyone can know they are feeling the troubles or struggles encountered by everyday Ormond life. That’s because only yours actually matter.


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