I do not need to respond to any of the negativity that comes with having my story out in the open for people to freely comment on, from men OR women.
I’m fucking done playing nice.
Molly S. Hill

Yes, “sweet black baby Jesus,” yes. Just keep telling it so it can continue to reach the many others who are unaware, trying to learn, or still truly skeptical.

Many of those commentators are in no way “skeptical”, but purely seeking some sort of validation and only care about disproving you instead of seeking the truth. Skeptics ARE worth the time, but many put on the facade of a skeptic.

The one really clear way to differ the two is one will bring you to outrage eventually (if you don’t cease contact with them) and the other will bring a little frustration out of you (at the most) and the discussion feels more like a challenging feat not you’re fighting an actual battle to defend yourself.

I personally try to stay away of expressing my anger because I become very destructive in many ways, so I try my best to hold no resentment or anger towards others. I wouldn’t go as far as to say “fuck you”, but I definitely feel no amount of time spent on engaging these sort of people will ever harvest anything of value or worthwhile, so I can say “fuck that!” when it comes to the actual situation of trying to engage others.

You obviously have far better reigns on your anger and outrage than I, so you do you and let out your rage in any healthy way possible and put those those “others” in your ever-distancing rearview mirror! Liberate yourself of that negativity! I hope your emotional state is changed or changing for the better and continue to wish you luck on your journey.

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