I stopped reading at “police murdering black folks”.
Jeremy Nelson

You act as if no blacks are trying to combat the black on black violence. There are so many programs attempting to deter the youth from violence and organizations/community leaders already advocating within black communities on the violence. Obviously, if you don’t live there then there’s no point in advocating it to you. Unlike police violence which they can’t go around to police stations advocating and have law enforcement actually care. That’s why they make it so public because national attention is the only way for those in power to stop abusing their power.

I don’t agree with everything being said about this issue and I am not a fan of BLM organization itself. I think there has been plenty of cases that the officer’s actions were justifiable and plenty that were homicides. I have mixed views on the entire subject because I have made a line for these situations whether the suspect or officer crosses it, they are in the wrong if they cross it.

I don’t take a side as a whole (cops vs blacks), but I take sides in individual cases and that seems to be the issue with so many people. They can only comprehend someone being on the cops side or the black side which leads to both sides just tuning each other out. It also leads to each side trying to find ways that each case supports their side instead of the case as a whole.

Comes to this point where people are arguing things that are completely separate issues as a way to invalidate actual issues as if the people protesting police brutality go home and murder each other.

It’s like, I am not going to care about hungry homeless kids until other American kids stop wasting food. American kids are going to waste food, but there are millions of parents trying to stop them from doing that and the homeless kids don’t have control of that nor is it an issue in their personal lives.

We need to think things through and observe things as a whole.

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