You’re the one that brought flippancy into in the conversation.
Sirous Martel

You can’t truly blame those who don’t know, but you can make them aware so they do know and can be held accountable from that moment forward.

I can’t blame my nose for running and my throat for becoming sore after excessive coughing as they are doing the only thing DNA has instructed them to do. “So I blame DNA!”, some would claim.

No, just because I said DNA instructed our nose and throat to cough and sneeze that does not make DNA at fault because DNA was only reacting (through the evolutionary process) the only way it could with the ability it was given, adaptation.

This specific adaptation was caused by our ancestors bodies being invaded by something foreign (viruses, bacteria, etc) which also puts DNA’s own survival at possible risk. So, DNA protected it’s future survival (which our species survival depends on) by blocking out these alien invaders with ear wax, mucus, and by forcibly pushing aliens through air in our throats back to their foreign land.

Unfortunately, DNA has not been given the information needed to separate actual threats to our immune system from some of the non-threats we call allergies (the most people have in some form). Because of that, many people are suffering slight discomfort to actual death from the symptoms that are produced by our own body in it’s unnecessary attempt to save itself.

The body can involuntary kill itself for absolutely no reason at all because it’s been evolved to do otherwise. This confusion comes from the guidance of something that was trying to do it to save us from falsely perceived threats (DNA). Once again, we can’t blame DNA for doing something that was intended to keep us safe, but that doesn’t change the fact that it happens.

I believe that is the same point Molly was trying to get across just put society itself in place of DNA and women being the runny nose reacting in the only way society has instructed them to while the throat being a male whom reacts to the situation in a manner they were taught.

Now, if mucus full of dust (the allergen) from the runny nose (women’s reaction to how they should handle unwanted sexual advances) falls back into the throat unintentionally (something women unintentionally do or wear which causes attention of men) and then the throat (mens commonly accepted reaction to what many men perceive as women “teasing” or “showing their goods for my pleasure”) which is represented as the throat’s reaction to close itself shut because it has been taught that suffocation is ok in this particular situation since the mucus is falsely perceived to be something it’s not (a virus), but only in this particular type of situation is it acceptable for the throat to cause suffocation according to the body’s biology (which represents certain situations of rape in which the severity is downplayed and the harm that has actually been caused)

Replace suffocation with rape and that is the problem that has been embedded into the everyday acceptable mentality of society through various mainstream sources who also are reacting to what will protect their own survival, which is the money profited from reinforcing falsely perceived sexual expectations of women. Those expectations have caused many to downplay the severity of “certain situations” of rape.

That makes the situation even worse (like the “acceptable” suffocation aforementioned) by making women responsible for their rape and making other men feel like they can get away with it too even if they could easily sense that they are doing something that a woman isn’t comfortable with, but she too has this reaction that they have to sexually please and submit to men to make a man stay in “love” with them or to be a “good” girlfriend.

Also, it feeds into this concept that it’s women’s fault that they forced a man to want them and they are causing harm by not “putting out” (“blue balls”, built up frustration, their heart needs it to “express” their “love” it aches for sex).

Not to mention our general interactions amongst all male peers where women are equated to sexual conquest and exist only to serve us, especially with sex. Of course our mothers, sisters, and or daughters aren’t “THOSE” type of women and it’s not ok for any men to talk about them like we talk about those “slutty” women.

We will raise our daughters to be better than that! I will teach them to wear unrevealing clothing or I will punish them! You know cause it’s their fault that for “tempting” them! She won’t be a “tease”!

Many men have trouble seeing what’s wrong with this type of thinking and behavior we partake in because it seems “logical” or “naturally innocent boys being boys having normal guy talk”, but normal does not mean always mean logical especially when it comes to the perceived normal of a society.