Jaylen Brown held his own against Pascal Siakam and Duncan Robinson, but that doesn’t tell the whole story of his defensive impact.

Disclaimer: I don’t dislike Jaylen Brown, though his ardent fans will likely think I do after reading this piece. He’s one of the best individuals in the league today, a charismatic humanitarian off the court and an undeniably cool player on the court. He’s a very dope player, one of my personal favorites. But there are serious flaws worth looking at. I’m not meaning to pick on him — opposing players do that enough as is — but there’s a discussion to be had about the limitations he has as a defender and how meaningful his shortcomings are.

Earlier this…

Existential dread, Deja Kelly‘s pull-up jumper, and other dribbles.

(Photo by Jasmyn Renee Photography)

Hey. How’s it going. It’s been a while, huh?

Sorry for the prolonged hiatus from writing words about basketball for my Patreon. Life has been, well… *gestures at the hellscape that is 2020* …so I haven’t been as productive as I’d like to be, especially these last few weeks. Ruts can be like that. (I did buy a Nintendo Switch though, so that’s an accomplishment. A way for me to waste hours and hours of time, but an accomplishment nonetheless.)


(Sidenote: What a great album.)

So, anyway, how have you guys been doing? I haven’t watched much basketball…

An analysis of Cole Anthony’s decision-making as a playmaker at one of the lowest points of his freshman season.

Photo by Robert Willett (News & Observer).

Basketball is a game of reads.

Every second of every play requires all five offensive players and all five defensive players processing what is unfolding before them, whether the play is mundane or complex or somewhere in between. Though some (if not most) decisions seem straightforward on the surface, players are endlessly cycling through various options and outcomes before taking action, sifting through all of the pros and cons of each and every possibility.

Decisions are layered, full of granular minutiae that players must recognize in milliseconds. The greatest basketball minds process these things quickly and tactfully, usually making the…

The Cole Anthony Rewatch continues, and other scouting tidbits.

this is Cole’s best hairstyle/facial hair combo, don’t @ me

As mentioned in last Tuesday’s Film Room, the Cole Anthony rewatch has begun, and I’m steadily moving through all of his film. Considering we’re dealing with six FIBA U18 games, six full-ish Oak Hill games (that I could find online) and some game highlights, a couple All Star games, and then a cacophony of awful basketball that was his time at North Carolina, there’s … quite a bit of basketball to watch, and as I finish up his pre-college stuff, I’m already getting fatigued.

Thank God for the NBA and WNBA returning, because watching and rewatching one single prospect gets…

I rewatched Cole’s EYBL tape. It was good. So I wrote about it.

if he only knew :/

The Cole Anthony rewatch has begun.

1) Pray for my sanity as I rewatch the trainwreck offense that Cole Anthony had to navigate at North Carolina, where he would — at best — play with one other legitimate shooting threat (Brandon Robinson, .711 3Pr, 36.9 3P%) and a trio of non-spacing players in 6’8 point-forward Leaky Black and post scorers Garrison Brooks and Armando Bacot.

2) It wasn’t always supposed to go this horribly, not at first blush. Cole was joining a team that was welcoming a pair of prized graduate transfers in Christian Keeling (17.9 PPG, 1.6 3PM on…

Random scouting notes & musings from the week of July 5-11.

thinking of him :(

Hi Patrons. How’s it going.

In lieu of actual scouting reports or film breakdowns or crab Rangoon or things of that nature, I thought I’d write up a quick post on some musings as I dive into film from this past college season. …

NBA Draft fits, college basketball trades, UNC stuff, and more.

Theo & Cam :)

Hi there. How’s it going.

Welcome to my Patreon Mailbag. I’m not sure how often I’ll write something like this, but maybe it can be a once or twice a month type of thing. Maybe more. Maybe less. I don’t know.

Shout out to everyone who sent me questions, including those who I threatened with fisticuffs. I actually did put some thought into these questions (some more than others) and hopefully the answers meet (or maybe surpass) your expectations.

Okay, this intro is long enough.

Question time.

Top 78 Jayson Tatum moments? (@maxacarlin)

*breathes in*

You asked for this, Max.

Gregory Cheng, c. 1976. (via Facebook)

Gregory Cheng didn’t understand.

He tried — was trying — but he just couldn’t.

Chapel Hill was home to him. The UNC-Chapel Hill campus, the surrounding communities, all of it. It’s where he’d spent the last 10 years of his now 70-year-old life walking, each and every day, throughout the 729 acres of bricked labyrinths, tree-blanketed courtyards and lively student centers. It’s where he built a new life, where he found new friends, and, as he’s grown local fame for, it’s where he whistled.

For the eccentric man known as “The Campus Whistler,” this was home.

Chapel Hill was a…

No. 9 North Carolina defeated the D-II Winston-Salem State Rams in a friendly exhibition on Friday, 96–61.

Two minutes and 59 seconds remain in №9 North Carolina’s exhibition matchup against the Winston-Salem State Rams, a lesser-known D-II program that proudly took up the chance to play — and inevitably lose — in Chapel Hill.

WSSU’s Jon Hicklin receives the ball off of a handoff, with UNC’s starting power forward Garrison Brooks between him and the basket. He has a mismatch. He dances. Left, then right, and then left once more, before settling into a contested fadeaway jumper from 10-feet.

The ball misses everything but the backboard before tumbling and finding its way to Cole Anthony. The pride…

“I take this s*** serious,” he says.

Original photograph by Trevor Marks.

Brandon Callender sinks into a vacant hardwood chair as the morning crowd streams its way through the Brooklyn Roasting Company on 23rd Street. He sips his hot chocolate, people-watching, with the old-school black-and-white tiled floors reflecting the 10 a.m. July sunlight that’s beaming in from a bustling city outside.

It’s all familiar to him. New York, with all of its complexities and contradictions — a place he describes as being full of both poverty and wealth, sorrow and life, despair and opportunity — is and always will be familiar, even if the dorm room he’s renting for the summer is…

Trevor Marks

UNC ’20 alum. Currently at FanSided. Previously at Argyle Report and The Daily Tar Heel. I write about basketball. @twmarks_

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