Everyone believes in Climate Change!
Trevor Marr

Yes I firmly believe we need MORE new, safe, controlled, corrosion protected, monitored, known design life pipelines, not less! And when they get old or ineffective, have a Regulated plan in place to repair or replace them, BEFORE they cause any problem! The misguided ECO movement has it all wrong and they need to be investigated, addressed, possibly exposed/shutdown for any Foreign ANTI North American oil funding. Their protesting against New pipelines is irresponsibly pushing over use of older pipelines that may leak and their delay tactics have resulted in any excess required pipe volumes to be sent via less safe rail transport, which is killing real people, towns and habitat, the very thing the hypocritical eco movement says they want to protect? I support the exposure of their corruption and anti North American agenda!

And climate change has ALWAYS HAPPENED, I have a far greater fear of any hot or cold climate adaptation WITHOUT fossil fuels, than I will ever fear climate adaption WITH fossil fuels!

We are innovative with ever increasing efficiencies and ever decreasing emissions! Jobs, energy security, updated infrastructure, tax revenues, North American energy independence and World Market access are just some of the benefits we will reap from a strong North American Oil Industry. We do need to optimize ALL forms of energy, but for now oil is King. Climate has ALWAYS varied, at no time in history has it EVER been a constant unchanging flat line! If the earth’s temperature ever does become unchanged, that will mean the earth is dead!!!… fossil fuels are not the curse, they are the cure to help us adapt to any climate change!!!

This is a free market economy, simply build a better mousetrap and the market is yours, but build market share on capability, not lies! Demonizing a plant food, that is emitted in every human breath makes zero sense to humanity and seems to be more about taxation and control, than it is about climate.

I feel we need to Stop blaming mankind, start applauding human innovation, look how far we have come in the past 100yrs and how far we can go in the next 100! We will adapt to any climate fluctuation far better WITH fossil fuel driven innovation and society advances, far better than if we were crippled and overwhelmed WITHOUT fossil fuels to help us!

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