Finding Creativity in the Mountains

Mt. Lassen — Shingletown, CA.

A Night in Shingletown

Having grown up in the mountains I regularly crave leaving the city to experience the night sky and gentle sounds of nature. It’s times like these I find inspiration for my work. After the up and down stresses of a typical work week, it’s crucial to find a balance. A creative outlet to help you grow and an outlet that helps you appreciate the work you get to do every day. I feel lucky to have a career that is also my hobby. I’d still be taking pictures and shooting video if it wasn’t my profession…and sometimes I need to remember that.

I headed north out of San Francisco to my old stomping grounds just south West of Lassen Park in California, looking to capture some night photography around a few of my favorite spots.

Lake McCumber - Shingletown, CA

I’ve spent many nights up here in the dark fumbling around with camera gear. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, you sometimes feel like your being stalked by an unknown creature you hear lurking in the forest. That’s part of the fun…it’s part of the adventure! Out here time slows down. Shooting photos at night really allows you to sit back and take it all in. Your forced to when shooting long exposures. There is no one around. It’s just you and nature.

Mt. Lassen
A lone car on HWY 44

I’ve been to these places hundreds of times before, but for me, being out alone at night capturing images allows my mind to slow down. It allows me to reconnect with myself and get my head thinking clearly again. We all strive to find that balance in our lives in one way or another. Have you found yours?

Sunset over Shingletown

All photos captured with Pentax 645z

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