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What are you doing to make the most of 2018?

Your Typical 2017 In Review Post. Just kidding I haven’t even thought about it yet.

I’ve had a staggering amount of growth in the last year. I didn’t really come into 2017 with solid goals, or any real plans on how to improve my life. Most of the ideas I had completely disappeared and were replaced with new ideas.

To be honest it makes making plans for 2018 quite difficult. What’s the point when so much about my life is so up in the air? I am absolutely certain my perspective on a lot of things is going to change constantly over the next few months. So I’m not going to make plans. I’m not going to have specific goals, even though I know that’s SMART.

I’m going to have my core values, what is absolutely important to me in this moment. The only plan I’m going to implement is to review these values consistently each week.

I want to document my journey in multiple ways.

This public journal thing that I have going on…It’s been incredibly eye opening and powerful. I’ve grown immensely solely because of doing this. I also had a private journal that I’ve stopped using but will be picking back up tomorrow, or maybe even tonight. I want to continue using that journal because my private thoughts and public thoughts are very different. I’m not going to share my anger and frustration, my love and heartbreak, to all of you. It just doesn’t make sense. But thinking back on my journaling I did this summer has been so so valuable in determining my current feelings about the events in my life. I can look back and see personal evidence that I was unhappy and making the wrong choices. It’s so reassuring to have that “second” opinion, even though really it was the first opinion.

I want to become completely independent.

I rely so much on other people for things. Mainly my Mum. She does so much for me, she’s carried me through so much. While I’m so appreciative that I can rely on her, I just don’t want to anymore. I need to start handling my own business more. There will still be people I open up to of course but it’s going to be after I’ve tried all of my personal solutions or if I’m certain they would have a better grip on the situation. I need to be responsible for myself.

I want to love.

If you read my stuff a lot, you know there’s someone special in my life right now. While I want to improve at giving her the best I can, I don’t mean specifically love in a relationship with this one. I mean love life. I want to be grateful for everything that happens to me. I want to be determined to make the best out of every moment. I want to give every opportunity my all. For so much of my life I’ve always done things halfway. That’s become part of who I am. From low grades in school, not really trying at hockey team tryouts, backing out of pursuing my wants…I need to focus on passion. I’m not going to settle for anything less than I deserve. And I’ve decided I deserve A LOT.


That’s it. That is what is currently important to me. There’s a lot of finer details in each of those three areas that will make me grow as a person. They’ll put me more in line with opportunities that match my desires. They’ll make me more capable of handling those opportunities to the best of my ability. They’ll make me more willing to go the extra mile to make things work. They’ll make me unstoppable.

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