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Of course he dodged it, it’s all part of the show … if he doesn’t dodge the question, it adds less credibility to the preposterous claims that Russia hacked your elections … dodging does a better service to this ridiculousness than denial, and if you haven’t gotten the message yet, he’s part of your oligarchy.

Why would Russia hack your elections when you already have:

  • Gerrymandering of electoral boundaries
  • A flawed and corrupt electoral college system
  • Bias and fraud in domestic media election coverage
  • Voters being struck off electoral rolls
  • Voters being denied the right to vote
  • Voters being intimidated and deceived at polling locations
  • Misleading printed ballots
  • Hackable digital voting machines
  • Flawed digital counting machines
  • Too many ballots in an electorate being resolved by randomly selecting which ballots to count
  • Voting being made difficult for voters
  • … and the list goes on

All Russia as to do is sit back and laugh at your sorry arses, why would they bother interfering in something when you already do that extremely well yourselves.

Anyone who believes this story of Russian interference gets a gullibility award.

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