To the extent you need risk capital, solving for aligned investors is just as important as solving…
Parker Thompson

Why is there no mention of what VCs should consider about the needs of the people and projects they’re being asked to invest in? Oh yeah, because it’s all entirely one sided utterly selfish nonsense with complete disregard for the inventors that come up with the ideas (often through great suffering and sacrifice), and disregard for the planet that provides the resources, not to mention all the species that will likely die in the resource extraction process from having their habitat destroyed.

These VC expectations are all entirely arbitrary. Do they want a 4x 10x or whatever return because the planet can handle it? … because the workers are properly paid? … because their input to the process has been calculated by perspective agnostic science to be worth that relative to all other inputs and with respect to the consequences of all outputs? No … of course not, they want it because they’re greedy and they want it, that’s the depth of the thinking.

Is it any wonder that with all the world’s wealth, we still have poverty and we’re destroying the only planet we’ve got??

If anyone is actually listening and not completely deluded about this, I have a proposal for the architecture of a specialised ethical investment hedge fund, as part of a greater vision for Ecological & Social Justice & Sustainability … please get in touch.