Silicon Valley’s Dirty Secret
Arlo Gilbert

You shouldn’t have started with “will make us all billionaires”, because as good as the idea is, that’s precisely what it won’t do … nothing short of interstellar travel can ever really enable such a thing in a manner which could be sustained over indefinite periods of time … Notice there I said “could be sustained” instead of saying “could be sustainable”, for the implication of the latter term (in general usage) is a level of environmental friendliness which is not necessarily the case just because something can be sustained.

HOWEVER such a thing as you’re saying they’ve done, is a very small part of a much larger vision of my own, and if they’re interested, please ask them to contact me (Trevor Rose) at … because if their approach is compatible, it may not in the short term provide them funding, but if my own gets off the ground, it will absolutely be made a priority, and it will save me at least some design time for that element.