What do you have to do to get through to Millennials?

Do you think Millennials have different storytelling expectations than previous generations? I believe that patience is what millennials lack the most of which is why it is so hard of marketers to produce ads to millennials. Therefore, I do think millennials have different storytelling expectation. Millennials have many devices that can distract them from everything. Millennials need a very catchy hook in storys, something that keeps the phone down. In addition to the story’s great hook the story needs something that has a heart harming ending or something that is motivating. The story can improve if millennials can relate to the story in some way, this is not the most important feature but it could be seen more positively. Storytelling in advertisements have the largest difference in expectations from millennials to previous generations. Previous generations didn’t have the distraction to just tune out the whole commercial they would probably just watch. They would watch their shows during their scheduled half-hour or hour. Millennials record or don’t watch until the next day on Hulu or wait until the show is released on Netflix. In those three ways of watching they are missing all commercials. Therefore, not only do millennials expect to have a great storytelling advertisements, odds are they are probably going end up never watching it. Lastly, if I’m watching T.V with my 18-year-old sister at home and we are watching live T.V. we don’t care what’s going on because our phones are out. Out of all the stories competing for your attention every day, what stories do you find appealing? That’s an interesting question because I often skip ads on my phone and since I live in my fraternity I don’t have cable. Most of my T.V. watching is done on Netflix or I use an illegal movie watching website. But any ad that has a good hook; a luring beginning. Will win my attention over my phone most of the time. Also, anything that involves sports will usually catch my attention, in other words something that I can relate too. I think the idea that vitamin water uses is really smart they host a music event called #uncapped. They want customers to make memories and to not try and sell the product. But they can bring attraction to the drink by only selling it at the event or sampling free drinks. I would probably drink more vitamin water after attending the music festival. What companies should know; they should try and use real life experiences and use less acting. That’s why Red Bull does so well with their ads, they are real people doing real things.

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