It’s sometimes the only thing that prevents us from taking the next step…

The thing that every individual on the planet has in common is the fact that we all have fears. Fear drives us emotionally and causes a lot of our decision-making.

So, if we all have fear in common, how does one still become super successful? The short answer is their ability to “attack” fear. That’s really it!

Fear Factor

Every situation that arises you have two decisions; you either address the situation immediately or you procrastinate with hope of the situation dissolving (it never does). The most successful people are always attacking what’s in the way of their end goal. The life-hack is that these people have essentially broken down their goals step by step and they’ve consciously removed all distractions at any costs. The process isn’t hard, acquiring the mindset is the toughest part.

Overcoming Fear

Growing up, I was never excited about personal finance, understanding business, investing and so on. The thought investing or reading wasn’t a popular topic in-home. There was a legitimate fear of the unknown before I started my entrepreneurial career. My initial thoughts about being an entrepreneur was updating social media about how busy I was, dressing well and letting my audience know I was in meetings — today, books, studying, research, execution and communication are some of the foundational activities. As I mentioned before, I was compelled to change my situation and family’s trajectory. I became obsessed with certain goals and my mindset changed when it came to fear. Today, I still have fear, the most important thing is how I choose to handle fear — attacking it!

Challenge Fear

Wherever you are in life, it’s always a great time to alter your perspective about fear and attack it as much as possible. Most of us really want to take our personal and professional lives to another level. That process happens when we truly address anything that prevents us from moving forward.

I challenge everyone to write down their current fears and focus on solutions for them…it’s possible, you can do it. I do it everyday and the days I get beat down, I get up the next day and jump back in the game.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” — Jack Canfield