Learning How To Win at Anything

There’s a difference between “false” confidence and “real” confidence followed with proven strategy. A person is more confident when they have found a proven strategy needed to accomplish their goals.

We’ve seen people who “talk the talk” about how awesome they are and how much they know. They’re reluctant to listen and continue learning. There are a handful of people who understand the techniques of learning and improving.

I was recently having a conversation with a friend and I told him “I’ve found out the formula to accomplishing these big goals we all have”. Timing would be the only factor”. My friend responded “tell me, I don’t understand”.

The “not so” Secret

If I told you that you could do anything you wanted with these simple steps, would you believe me? “Training”, “practice” and “meeting experienced like-minded people” — that’s it!

If you wanted to become pilot, one would take classes and learn the basis of controlling an airplane. This training would show you how to read certain signals, how to maneuver in the air during bad weather, how to communicate with your passengers, etc. You would continue to train and then start to practice your discipline every day until you become comfortable with each detail needed to become an expert. The final concept is meeting experienced like-minded people — this is big. The majority underestimate the importance of connecting with experienced people in their fields due to not having the adequate communications skills or not having anything of value to add themselves. When a person can connect with experienced people, your career acceleration soars through the roof. The efficiency of being able to listen to people who know exacly how you feel as a newbie or can direct you to more efficient processes is priceless. Having a coach can save you 10–15 years on your learning curve easily. Test it out!

High level achievement is this simple. There are some other important key factors that are relevant. However, what I love about this concept is, when it’s applied, it comes down to your work ethic and patience to make the final decision. Who doesn’t want to control their destiny right?

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