Why “Giving” is the Most Important Thing You Could Ever Do

Count on me to provide a good ol’ “New York” based picture. New York has been a huge impact in my life because of the people I’ve met while living in New York during my undergrad. My time New York showed me how to hustle, how to communicate, how to stay motivated, how to embrace change and adjust. People in New York make it happen and there’s no doubt about it.

Why is this important?

I want to “give” to others what I’ve learned with intentions to add value. I believe the most important gift is the act of “giving”. Authentic “giving”, not the giving that expects something in return — although there’s a time for that type of “giving” too. The person who is reading this blog and the person who isn’t was given life. Your life itself justifies that giving is very important, it’s simple.

The Act of Big Givers

After years of research, I’ve understood the techniques of the most successful individuals in the world. Their work is predicated on giving value to their intended audience. Some of the most notable (and one of my personal favorites) is Steve Jobs and his contribution with Apple. We have been transcended with a device that keeps us connected. We are able to talk to our families, we are able to search for information, entertain one another and so much more — all because a leader and his staff thought about how they could give people more opportunity to connect. Next is LeBron James, whose basketball career is always on media headlines but he is an incredible off-court giver. LBJ has pledged to pay for several kids’ college tuitions if they commit to obtaining a 3.0GPA throughout their grad school years— amazing gift to provide opportunity. James’ commitment to being a great representation of a father is unquestioned as well and worth noting.

Why the Givers Keep Giving

It’s simple! The Givers do this because they understand providing value for the world makes it a better place. The gift comes back too! As we continue to progress everyday, focus more on giving without expectations. The fact that you just give will provide inner peace. I do have a caution, one should surround themselves with great people who think like you as well because it’s important!

Let’s make an impact, an impact that will allow us all to live abundantly. Be great and live well.

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