New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

Try this instead…

“No one ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that was abandoned by February” — Suze Orman

If you haven’t heard, let me be the one to break it to you…New Years resolutions do not work.

Here’s the typical end-of-the-year process: You set a few goals for the new year. By mid-January, early February, those goals vanish into thin air, never to be seen or heard of again — well at least not until the end of that year when you realize you haven’t done any of the shit you planned on doing.

Happens all the time.

Fed up with the lack of results, I started to implement something different around the new year. Two simple strategies have brought massive change to my life, so far, and hopefully they can help you experience the same, if not more.

1.) Raise Your Standard

You’ve been skating through life with a set of strong beliefs and behaviors built upon your expectations. These expectations are your standards.

Expectations = Standards

There’ve been a few changes to those standards stemming from age and experience, but rarely do those standard intentionally change.

But they need to in order for you to truly experience lasting change in the new year.

Stop searching for inspiration and start building a better foundation. One with expectations that will challenge you daily and force you to grow.

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish it were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom.” — Jim Rohn

If you want to lose weight, raise your standard.

If you want to get smarter, raise your standard.

Whatever it is that you decide you want out of this life, or this new year, you must raise your standard to receive it.

The secret is that as your standard rises, so does your work ethic and determination.

Success is knowing the importance of standards and holding yourself to astronomical ones. It’s how you create the life you want to live.

Listing a bunch of goals and just calling them resolutions won’t cut it.

Start by raising your standard.

2.) Stay Committed

Raising your standard gets you started. However, you will need to develop a strong sense of commitment in order to solidify the change.

In their book titled “Marketing 3.0” Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, and Iwan Setiawan touch on the importance of commitment within a company. The way they break down commitment into three separate components is helpful for anyone trying to create change, especially around this time of year.

A company can demonstrate commitment by defining mission, value, vision.


Start by defining your “why”; this will give you a clear purpose.


Follow with defining your values; these are priorities that will guide your behavior as you stay true to your mission.


Lastly, imagine your perfect outcome.

All three components have equal importance and will help get you through the difficulty of change. If one of these pieces is missing, commitment cannot be effectively implemented and change will be that much harder to create.

In Conclusion

Change isn’t easy for most of us. A lot of times people would rather just do nothing and wallow in the difficulties of life than go through temporary pain and achieve real success.

The new year always calls for change of some sort. The strategies above are simple ways to ensure change is brought about in 2018.

Raise your standard and stay committed. I’m sure you have big plans for 2018. Let’s bring in the new year with new strategies that will create real change and produce real results.

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