Cut out the email-middle man

I’m sure you’ve seen this email chain:

Doug: Hi John, I wanted to chat with you about our account- do you have time tomorrow afternoon?

John: Hi Doug, I’m in meetings tomorrow afternoon. I can do Tuesday between 3–5 PM, or Wednesday between 10–11:30 AM. Do either of those work for you?

(Time passes)

Doug: Yes, let’s do Wednesday at 11 AM.

John: Sorry Doug, by the time I got your response I had already booked that time. Can you do 10:30 AM?

You get the picture- this can sometimes go on for several email transactions. Here’s a much better solution:

Doug: Hi John, I was reviewing your account today and saw some changes we could make to help streamline processes for your team- do you have a few minutes this week? You can book a time on my calendar here.

John: I just booked a time for tomorrow- talk to you then.

(John booked a time, and they had the call. Done.)

I think if you are scheduling calls with customers, you should have a middle-man service that makes you calendar available to your customers. Get something that integrates in real-time with your calendar so that customer can book a time that is up-to-date. There are freemium options out there- here are a few that I recommend.

It’s a great idea to provide a link to your calendar to all of your customers so they can book a time whenever they need to chat. Empowering the customer like this can cut out the email transaction completely and ensure better customer service. Instead of receiving an email to have a call, a customer will simply book a time and then you can chat.

Tip: Have a default conference line or bridge set up for you, and configure your booking system to auto-fill the calendar invite with the details for the conference line. Then you don’t even need to email the customer the details.

What do you think? Do you have any other processes that help reduce admin clutter when working with customers?

Thanks for reading.