Why I Love Customer Success

I’ve had a chance to work in a customer success related role at three different companies in the past year, and I’ve found that I really love working in customer success. Here are my reasons why:

Customer Success utilizes my skillset

Customer success is a combination of digital marketing, sales, data science, customer education, and product management. I have experience in all of those areas and enjoy each one. Customer success combines all of these skills to one goal: making value exist for customers.

Deliver value

Customer success also aligns with my intrinsic motivators, one being the need and desire to add value. Growing up I use to always think of this as ‘making the world a better place’, but I’ve come to realize that truly ‘adding value’ is the same thing. If someone is genuinely receiving value, then the world is becoming a better place for them.

The entire focus of customer success is value. No matter what definition you use to define customer success, it always relates to customers receiving value. I love helping customers experience and realize the deeper value that they can receive out of a product. On the other side of the table, customer success adds significant value to a company by reducing churn, by increasing post-sale growth, and by providing product adoption and usage insights.

Make things grow

Another strong intrinsic motivator for me is helping things grow. This is why I enjoyed the experience I gained in marketing and sales. I love helping companies grow, and customer success is a revenue generating engine function. This goes hand in hand with adding value to customers because when customers experience and realize value, they are more likely to grow. One of the ultimate metrics of customer success is net negative churn- if you are on the positive side of net negative churn then your accounts grow more than they churn post sale, and a positive net-negative churn means that your revenue will continue to grow even if sales stopped completely- that’s awesome.

I love what I do

For the first time in my life I love what I do for work. I love getting up in the morning, and I don’t hate Mondays. For me the winning formula has been to find something that (1) utilizes the skills I enjoy and (2) aligns with my intrinsic motivators. Fortunately, Customer Success has done that for me.

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