“Hey, um…Cardi —You have no id-um. I love you. N-n-not like that. But your music, what you stand for.”

There was a brief pause, followed by what sounded like nervous shuffling.

She listened intently, choosing not to interrupt his stammering as she placed her fauxlocks in her satin wrap. Her back was turned towards the jittering fan who from the sound of it, regretted having the chance to meet her backstage. Suddenly, she spun around on the dot.

“Thanks, man. I’m happy you fuck with it. Everyone. It means a lot. Especially from you,” she said with as cheery a smile as she could manage. Her hands clenched into her thighs to control the sudden rush of energy she felt coursing through her body.

Could he tell what she was up to?

The look on the kid’s face belied his inexperienced nature. He was tall, at least 6'4, with long, well-kept dreads. She had a thing for the blonde-tips that she saw on some of the rappers she’d recently become close with. His lack of facial hair and silky smooth hazel skin gave away his youthful nature.

He couldn’t have been anymore than 20 years old.

It took everything in her to not chuckle at how he couldn’t seem to keep still, no matter what.

“You’re awesome, Cart-I mean Cardi B. Sorry,” he said, patches of red pushing through the dark tan of his skin. He smiled weakly. She returned a much larger one and then motioned for him to come closer.

“You acting like you don’t wanna be here, shnow what I’m sayin?” she said between chuckles. “Tell me about you man. Damn, what’s your name?”

“Winston. Everyone calls me Win though,” he said, stopping for a second.

She took the opportunity to grab her robe and place it over her shoulders. The open window on the far side of the room made her very chilly. If he looked hard enough, he’d be able to see her protruding nipples under her tight corset. He’d think it to be too obvious. She didn’t want to scare him off.

“Boy, get your ass over here. Let’s take a picture so you can get out of here.”

Winston walked towards her, suddenly slouching into a limp of sorts. She bit her lip to catch her growing smile — he was getting aroused. She liked having this effect on men. He laughed nervously when he caught her eyes and took out his phone. “No,” she said swatting his phone on the floor. “We’ll use mine.”

She reached onto her makeup table and grabbed a red iPhone 7 Plus. There were chipped pieces of paint all around the phone as well as cracked glass at the bottom. As she unlocked it she tilted the phone back so he couldn’t see her password. Winston, noticing this, took a step back out of respect, but she grabbed his arm and smiled. He returned it and got close to her.

Extremely close.

She kept pulling him closer until she was cradled in his grasp, holding the phone as high as she could in the air to capture the selfie. After purposefully bouncing around on his genitals, feeling him getting aroused, she realized she wouldn’t be able to get them both in the shot. “Your arms are longer, Win. Can you hold my phone up?” she said, smiling warmly.

“Oh, yeah. Um yeah. Sure. I got you.” he said, moving slightly, all the while making sure his crotch was pressed into her backside. She faced the camera and smiled, followed by Winston forming one onto his face. “Let me know when you’re ready.” She nodded her head, still smiling.


“Okay, let yourself out,” Cardi said. Winston jumped, startled. Cardi then laughed and grabbed him before he could turn around. “I’m fucking with you. Shit. Let’s take one more.” She then turned her lips towards his neck, in a kissing motion. “Let’s make those blogs talk. You stay like that,” she commanded. She could feel the pulse in his neck quicken. “Oh ye-okay. I like th-that,” he stuttered. Then he smiled, regained his posture, and held the camera up.

“On the count of 3,” he said. Cardi sniffed his strong cologne and nodded.


Cardi opened her mouth wide, revealing large, canine-like teeth sharp enough to cut glass. Saliva splashed from her mouth as she roared and sunk them into Winston’s neck as he screamed and tried to get away. Blood splashed in giant pools onto the floor as Cardi’s teeth sank deeper and deeper into his neck.

She gripped onto his chest as his voice began to crack through his screams. His arms flailed madly as he attempted to pull her hair, scratch her face, and do anything else that would free him from her grasp. His screams became weaker and weaker. She took the opportunity to push him onto the floor and hop on top of him, all the while, her teeth still pressed into the nape of his neck. From her new view, she could see tears falling from his eyes as he stopped moving. Each blink took longer and longer, until, eventually…..his eyes remained open. She let loose her death grip and jumped back to look at her work.

He looked even more appetizing in death. She knew it was only temporary if she continued with what she wanted to do. As bad as she wanted to devour him, she would lose the bet she made with Kylie Jenner last week. And God knows, she doesn’t have $3 million to fork over. She hunched back over the body, paused for a second to take another look, and then sank her teeth into him again. His blood tasted like the insides of black grapes from the supermarket.

She began to suck.

Suck more.

Suck until she couldn’t taste anything else.

Then she swallowed it. Getting up, she decided to leave him there and pick up her phone that he’d dropped. She went to sit back in her chair and finish taking off her makeup.

Before she forgot, she opened her phone and pulled up the selfie that her and Winston took. She sent it to Kylie.

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