1. If you can’t beat the player, beat the game

I’m sorry to break this too you; but, there will always be someone better then you at everything.

Odds are you won’t be the best at anything.


I have a code that I try to live by. (I don’t always remember them all, but I try to.) It’s a set of 36 “rules.” I like to think these rules span a lot of distance and can help in a lot of places in life. Some of these rules are phrases I’ve heard; others are phrases I’ve created. My hope is to explain all of the rules through individual blog posts; with all of the blog posts being two minute reads or less. (This will take me awhile to do, I’m sure).

The first is, of course: If you can’t beat the player, beat the game.

I’m one of the most competitive people that I know. Winning is everything to me. But, I’m also lazy. So, I always try to find the easiest way to win.

Let me be clear, I’m not advocating for cheating. Cheating is wrong. Don’t be a dummy and cheat.

But, I’m all for loopholes! If you see a loophole to help you win, use it.

Help yourself get ahead.

Sometimes the loopholes won’t be so apparent. You have to look for them. They won’t just appear. You have to do your research and be prepared.

All you need is one loophole to help you beat the game rather then the player.

Stay tuned for my next rule: “Why work harder when you don’t have to?”

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