Week in Review: Page 5

2017 Week in Review: Page 5

The fifth week of focused journaling has shown me that appreciation in any setting is key.

The major takeaway from week five is :

People who don’t value you,show it. Believe it!- Trey Fugo

This week was reminder that people’s perception of you, does not always equal how they treat you. Hard work may often go unnoticed by some, but in the long run it will result in catapulting you to the next level.

During my frequent reflections this week, I have realized that I have confirmed that I am in pruning season. I am being prepared for the next step in the purpose ladder. In these moments, I am facing trials and tribulations to strengthen my walk and focus. I have learned to talk less, listen more and watch people’s action. I will not allow people’s fear of allowing me to grow, stunt my growth. In a way, I am grateful for seeing and experiencing these feelings, emotions and actions now. It will prepare me for the times, I will face this walk again but I will have a lithograph print to remind me of the experiences that I have once faced.

I did feel a sense of emotions tied to the realizations this week, but I know that it is all a part of the bigger plan.

Final Thoughts for Week Five:


Don’t limit yourself based on someone else’s reality.- Trey Fugo

I hope you stay tuned because transformation is happening,

Trey Fugo