Week in Review: Page 7

2017 Week in Review: Page 7

The seventh week of focused journaling has reminded me that wisdom is a necessary tool that will guide you on your path to success.

The major takeaway from week seven is :

Wisdom requires listening more and speaking less. — Trey Fugo

This week was filled with work, the dawn of new opportunities and the reality that the moves I make now impact my future. I have been working quite a bit the last three weeks and this week, I chose to slow down a bit. I realized how much rest, I had been missing. This week, I have realized that my next move has to be in alignment with fulfilling my purpose. I have been challenging myself this week, to listen more and speak less. I am in a season of transition and pruning, which has been a tough but humbling experience. I don’t think I am out of the season yet, but I am learning a lot in this intensive and idea shifting point in my life. All days aren’t easy, but I am learning everyday.

Final Thoughts for Week Seven:

In life we all will experience both pruning and growth seasons. Instead of actively searching for the answer, stop and listen for the answer. You only have once chance at life, accept the challenges and use them to build your future.


Decisions can’t be made without two options.- Trey Fugo

I hope you stay tuned because transformation is happening,

Trey Fugo