How to Make Your Wedding Invitation Unique?

9 min readJun 30, 2023
Unique Wedding Invitation. You Deserve It!

Do you want to have an unforgettable wedding?
They will remember your wedding for the romantic music, beautiful decorations, and wedding invites, which may not stand out.
A unique wedding invitation can also help to make your wedding more charming.
When we talk about wedding invitations, traditional paper invitations come to mind. This article will be perfect if you want to make your invitations unique.
I’ll show you ten ways to make your wedding cards stand out in this guide.
Your guests will be in awe of your invitations and will always remember a unique wedding invitation.
Let’s go!

How to Make Your Wedding Invitation Unique?

You set the date and chose the location carefully. Your big day is approaching, and you’ve sent invitations to your loved ones.
But there are many things to consider when preparing a unique wedding invitation. A unique invitation style and writing content can make a statement to others.
How to make a unique wedding invitation?
Take a look.
How to Choose the Unique Wedding Invitation?
When picking a wedding invitation, we must consider the wedding’s different styles, themes, etc.
Below I have detailed a few things to keep in mind.

1. Size and Shape

Before putting your wedding invitations in the mail, you should ensure they are the right shape and size for your wedding. A unique shape or size may be the best idea for a wedding invitation.

● Tri-fold: Tri-fold invitations fold into a tri-fold, accordion style. These styles are usually more expensive than standard invitations but can add a touch of elegance to any wedding invitation.

● Flat: Flat invitations are the standard traditional style. There is no fold on the card, so there is no additional cost.

● Square: Square cards have a simple 90-degree angle, which makes them the most common invitation shape.

● Brackets: As the name implies, the brackets have brackets around all four edges.

● Round: These cards resemble squares but have rounded corners.

Tri-fold Wedding Invitation

2. Theme

You can choose the style of your wedding invitations based on the theme of your wedding. From simple flower designs to elegant vintage looks, these ideas for wedding invitations will give your guests an idea of what to expect on your wedding day.

● Elegant: There are a lot of different kinds of cards that are elegant. But these styles are simple and have

a few unique design features.

●Simple: Simple Invitations put less emphasis on how they look and more on how clear the message is. They can also be referred to as minimalist.

● Traditional/classic: Traditional wedding invitations focus more on the text and a simple but thematic design.

● Floral: Floral invitations contain a lot of flowers and other nature-inspired design elements.

● Modern: When a couple chooses a modern wedding invitation, they can expect a simple style and artistic touches that are one of a kind.

● Tropical: These elements include tropical flowers and palm trees. Tropical invitations are especially suitable for destination weddings.

Classic Wedding Invitation

3. Fonts

The font or typeface describes the style of the letters or characters of the invitation. Wedding invitation fonts often combine sans serif, serif or script. Choosing the type of font that best suits your invitations depends greatly on the theme and style of your invitations.

●Serif: A small line at the end of a letter or symbol in a font family is called a serif.

● Sans Serif: A sans serif font is the opposite of a serif font because it lacks the smaller strokes on the letters.

● Script: They design script fonts to mimic the smooth strokes found in handwritten fonts. Wedding cards often use script fonts because they look elegant.

Wedding Invitation with Different Fonts

4. Plug-ins

Choosing a few smaller plug-ins can make your invitations look unique. You only need to use one or two of these ideas to make your wedding invitations more interesting and excite your guests.

● RSVPs: It’s important to include an RSVP card in your wedding invitations or at least host your RSVP system on your website.

● Wax Seals: Some couples like to add custom wax seals to their wedding invitations for a classic and elegant feel.

●Lace: Add lace or ribbon to make your invites stand out. Lace usually needs to be done by hand, so consider the extra assembly time before you buy.

Wedding Stamps: These add the perfect personalized touch to your envelopes and will last years. And you can choose different stamps depending on the style of your wedding.

5. Paper Type

The type of paper you use for your wedding cards is important because it changes how the whole thing looks and feels. Choosing a type of paper that matches the theme of your wedding can help your invitations stand out.

● Felt cardstock: This paper is thicker than regular cardstock.

●Matte: This type of paper looks clean and crisp, so many online brands use it as a standard.

● Glossy: Glossy paper is similar to matte paper but with an added sheen and is also a popular choice.

● Parchment: Parchment is a common choice due to its affordable price.

● Linen: A quality paper that won’t cost much money.

Matte Wedding Invitation

How to Write a Unique Wedding Invitation?

Traditional wedding invitation wording is always proper and classic.

If you want to give your wedding cards a unique twist, here are some ideas for unusual invitation wording that will make them stand out.

● Tell a Story

One way to make your wedding invitations stand out is to tell a story through the wording.

This method could be how you met, your love story, or even an anecdote from your relationship. This approach adds a personal touch and allows guests to understand your relationship.

● Use Poetry or Song Lyrics

Poetry and lyrics can be a beautiful and romantic way to express your love and set the tone for your wedding.

Choose a meaningful poem or lyric for you and your partner, and incorporate it into your unique invitation wording.

● Go Casual

If you want a more laid-back, casual wedding, consider using invitation wording to reflect that vibe to your guests.

Use a casual tone and language; feel free to add jokes unique to you and your partner.

Tip 1: What to put on your wedding invitations?

The wedding invitation is an important card in the envelope, telling your guests the wedding’s who, what, when, and where. Specifically include

Host name

The names of the couple

Date and time

Name and address of the location

Dress code

Other details and post-ceremony plans

Design elements

What to put on your wedding invitations?

Tip 2: What to put on the wedding reply card?

The most important elements on a wedding RSVP or reply card are as follows:

Guests fill their names in blank lines.

RSVP Reply Deadline. Select a date three to four weeks before the wedding date.

Guest’s response.

10 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas for Different Styles

When it comes to invitations and plans for weddings,

there are many options. But the most important thing is choosing what works for you and fits your budget.

Here are ten wedding invitations that offer beautiful designs and templates.

Take a look if you are interested.

01. Stamped Wedding Invitations

Stamped Wedding Invitations

Stamps can help personalize your invitations and add an air of mystery. Guests can guess the theme of your wedding based on the style of your stamps, which can better help them prepare for the wedding outfit. Stamps come in various styles, allowing you to choose as many as you want and not be limited to one style. So, pasting a few small stamps on your invitations can surprise your guests!

02. Brightly Colored Wedding Invitations

Brightly Colored Wedding Invitations

Bright colors always make people feel happy, don’t they? If you and your partner are lively and cheerful, try this style to make your wedding more enthusiastic!

03. Velvet Wedding Invitations

Velvet Wedding Invitations

The combination of velvet and invitations is charming! Elegance reveals a touch of classical, making your wedding mysterious and romantic. It is like a black swan dancing freely on the shimmering lake, singing the beauty of love.

04. Photography Wedding Invitation

Photography Wedding Invitation

There is something romantic about putting a photo of the two of you on the invitation to announce to the world that we are getting married. You can convey your joy to your friends and family through the photos and let them feel your happiness too. Isn’t that a very meaningful thing to do?

05. Linen and Leather Wedding Invitations

Linen and Leather Wedding Invitations

Make your cards fit the theme of your garden party wedding by giving them a simple love-style design. The letter-pressed and linen invitations are simple and elegant, and the torn ends give them a vintage, romantic feel.

06. Chinese Style Wedding Invitation

Chinese Style Wedding Invitation

Red is an auspicious color in China, representing the two couples’ eternal happiness and well-being.

Gold represents dignity and elegance. Therefore, red and gold are always a beautiful combination. If you want to make your invitations original, the Chinese style is also a good choice!

07. Acrylic Wedding Invitations

Acrylic Wedding Invitations

With simple white fonts on cards made of clear acrylic, you can get a modern minimalist look. The “less is more” style puts the most important information front and center using a visual text hierarchy.

08. Eclectic Wedding Invitations

Eclectic Wedding Invitations

Eclectic wedding invitations contain designs that make your style unique and very personal!

09. Artwork Wedding Invitations

Artwork Wedding Invitations

Anne and Spencer used Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night with a unique floral wall and coordinating color palette in their wedding design. Naturally, they decided to preview the theme through the invitation suite. The recreation of the painting in the envelope liner and the star motif brought the theme together perfectly.

10. Incorporate Geodes

Incorporate Geodes

A crystal cave print in bright blue with gilded metallic edges gives off a rough, edgy vibe. The style not only gets the important information about the wedding day across but also stands out.


Wedding invites are one of the most important parts of planning a wedding.

Not only do they announce the wedding, but they also set the mood for the day and tell people what will happen.

Every couple wants a unique wedding invitation, so have you learned it now?

If you enjoyed this post and want more resources, click here for invitations to wow your guests.




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