BS Story. No need to have this device with its battery that can catch
Terry Kozma

This is an example of a response that I’ve “recommended” to illustrate the sort of criticism I’ve received in less-visible channels.

As I stated in the article, the battery on this device has been tested and certified for fire safety. If you are arguing that NO batteries should be allowed (including in laptops, phones, wheelchairs, implanted cardiac devices, insulin pumps, the detachable video screens and remotes most planes have for in-flight entertainment, etc.) because there is some theoretical possibility of one catching fire “at any time on any aircraft”, then you can say so; but I get the feeling you’re claiming the Segway presents special risk. It does not, either in theory (it has been certified by UL) or in practice (each battery is individually tested and so far, none have been reported to have spontaneously combusted).

The “national disgrace” line is bizarre; you have a strange notion of what constitutes a national disgrace.

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