After 6 years of both interviewing hundreds of developers and also going through the job hunt as a candidate myself, I’ve honed the formula for landing software engineering jobs. I’ve seen the entire process from both sides countless times and understand the steps required to land the role you’ve been looking for.

The formula I use started when I found my first software engineering job, and since then I’ve continued to improve on it. By following this roadmap, I was able to:

  1. Land a six-figure job at a Silicon Valley startup (GrubMarket) coming out of a coding bootcamp (and they…

Code Better

I show the decisions I make in apps that are used by real people. It’s time to move beyond the toy app tutorials.

This post details the languages, libraries, and tools that I’m using to build, a platform to prepare developers to succeed in coding interviews.


UX + Performance + Scalable + Customizable

My decisions focus on automating parts of the process that would prevent me from doing what I want to do — building a product that provides a ton of value to my users. I optimize for fast iteration speed, developer experience, and scalability, without sacrificing control or customization when it’s needed.

Cost: $77 all-in right now. This is all in infrastructure costs and likely won’t grow to be more…

Thanks so much Abhay! That means a lot to me, and it's been great sharing your articles with our community!

Every month we share the top stories from Level Up Coding from the previous month and also interesting stats about the publication and our community.

The coding interview course has launched! 🚀 I teach you how to ace your technical interviews. There is a huge launch sale that ends today and then a smaller Black Friday sale that will last through next week.

Medium recently rolled out some HUGE changes, so this month I wanted to provide insight into how that’s impacted publications.

  1. We’ve seen a significant increase in traffic coming from Medium: 18.9% …

Top 10 must-know topics to be successful in technical interviews

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There’s a misconception that grinding through hundreds or even thousands of coding interview questions is the only way to be successful. This may work for some people, but it can be a huge time sink and misses a key point: you rarely think about why you are learning something and don’t focus on gaining intuition that can be applied to a broad range of questions.

While there are an infinite number of questions you can be asked, there are only a limited number of concepts that are actually tested on. Instead of trying to memorize solutions, if you focus on…

Every month we share the top stories from Level Up Coding and also interesting stats about the publication and our community.

We’ve hit some awesome milestones — Our authors have earned over $100,000+ in total! Articles in Level Up Coding surpassed 40k hours of Medium member reading time, and we are about to record 30,000,000 all-time story views.

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Top Articles

Replacing If-Else With Commands and Handlers | Nicklas Millard

4 Things You Have to Unlearn…

Every month we share the top stories from Level Up Coding and also interesting stats about the publication and our community.

Our friends at Better Programming (by Zack Shapiro) have been building a tool called Moneyball that provides Medium authors and publications in-depth statistics — they’re launching a beta now and looking for writers that are interested in signing up. Last month Level Up Coding hit a record for author earnings with over $14000+ paid out to our writers!

I’m one month away from releasing the coding interview course 🙌! Also subscribe to our YouTube channel where I’ll be…

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Level Up Coding moved to the #25 fastest growing publication on Medium according to Smedian, one spot behind Netflix’s engineering blog 🙌. We’re continuing to fly up the ranks quickly thanks to you and our amazing community!

This month, I also want to take a moment to thank a team that has been fundamental to the growth of Level Up Coding — They started sharing our articles on their platform when we were still a tiny publication and have helped us reach a ton of new readers. …

It’s crazy to think we’ve now passed the halfway point of what’s been a wild year. 2020 hasn’t stopped our community writing some incredible content, and I’m excited to share the top articles from the past month.

Level Up Coding also hit a new milestone as a publication by quickly surpassing 40k subscribers and is one of the fastest-growing publications on all of Medium!

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This article will walk you through the “Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock” coding interview question in JavaScript. You can also watch my video solution on YouTube. This question corresponds to LeetCode 121.

I’m having a lot of fun with these videos and plan to make a ton more if you find them helpful. Like and subscribe on YouTube to let me know I should keep going.


You are given an array of integers where the items correspond to stock prices and the indexes of the array correspond to sequential days. Write a function getMaxProfit that calculates the…

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