10 Reasons Why Wayne Brady will be president in 2020.

I‘ve done some thinking and some research, and after watching the last election season unfold, I’m certain that Wayne Brady (yes, that Wayne Brady) should run for president (and win). Reasons? You got it.

1. No political experience.

2. He is a TV star.

3. Being a deal maker seemed to be a pretty popular component of the president elect. Wayne Brady? This dude hosts a TV show where all he does is make deals!

4. Middle America loves him. (White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel…look like Malcolm X)

5. The Coasts love him (he can go to any Improv in on either coast…sell it out #facts)

6. He is friends with Drew Carey
6. a. who had a long running show about the city of 
Cleveland, Ohio. He’s a native and he loves it. 
Swing state on lock.

7. For those worried about Washington cronyism? Not only does Wayne not know any of those people, he doesn’t know the head of Exxon or a whole bunch of unqualified billionaires either. Regular ass people. Your cousin might finally get to fulfill their wish of being in a presidential cabinet.

8. Need to get tough with foreign leaders? Well, Wayne Brady has been known to…ahem…”choke a bitch”

9. He’s open minded: He played Neil Patrick Harris’ gay brother on How I Met Your Mother (and Neil is gay in real life, so, bonus points)
9. a. He’s not afraid of drugs. Love Boat, Sherman Hemsley? He’s tried them all.

10. He’s active on Twitter (+300k followers, tweets regularly)

Bonus: he’s playing Aaron Burr in Hamilton. Everyone loves Hamilton.

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