Day 0

Day 0- Off to Portland and Day in Portland

I woke up early at 4am in order to catch my early flight out of Baton Rouge. The days before had been filled with packing and headaching over logistics. We had a great Cajun last supper. Ill sure miss home cooking. Lewis and mom took me to the airport and saw me off along with my grandparents (Pops and Grandjoy). I didn’t shed too many years surprisingly and neither did they because the same scene had taken place 5 months before when I went to Spain. We cried enough then to cover this time around, I guess.

The plane rides were great and I met some really nice Oregon natives on board. Everyone always wanted to help if I needed it. The public transportation was great and took me right to the footsteps of the crapy motel I would be staying at. Once there I walked to pick up my bike from the nearby bike shop I had mailed it too. Very easy.

The highlight of the day was meeting up with Warren and Valerie- distant cousins. Warren is a great guy and an avid biker. We took a nice ride up to the top of mount labor and saw the city. Portland is awesome in many ways. Everything in the valley is green and lush and the neighborhoods are quaint and lovely. Everyone has been personable. After the ride we met up with Valerie for a bite to eat. We talked about family and and my trip. I loved hearing all about Oregon and got a lot of tips on where I would be journeying. It was comforting to have family way up here. I truly am thankful for their willingness and great spirits.

I got back to the motel and made some bike adjustments and loaded everything down so I would be quick to catch my 9:30 bus to the coast. I’ve already had adventure and it hasnt officially started.