Day 1

Day 1

Made it up to Astoria. A lovely town to start from. I arrived at midday on the bus from Portland and decided to ride 20 miles. The Pac coast is going to be tough because the hills really are tough.

The biggest thing is taking it hill by hill. Remaining in the present is crucial in biking long distances. For me it is not about the total mileage. It only matters what stretch of road I am faced with. If it’s tough I will get up it eventually. It’s just about peddling and ensuring the body is fueled for the next challenge.

I made it to thr campground and met one of the managers who wanted to show me around on the beach via his suv. The ocean was right out of a postcard- foggy and windy. Great vibes. Jim had alot to say and it was great to hear his wisdom.

Moments of bliss are the ones after the worst moments. It’s impossible to achieve it without the struggle. I welcome the struggle with open arms because I will survive to experience the bliss.

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