Day 10

Day 10

I did not sleep. I knew this was going to be indicative of a huge problem for my health because I should have slept for 12 hours. My throat became unbearably sore throughout the night. It was swollen to the point where I could barely breathe through it. It was actually very frightening. When I got up I was so excited to know that one of the bikers would not be biking and would be instead driving to Dayville as a sagwagon for her two friends. She graciously offered to take me there where I could pick up much needed antibiotics.

Ms. June was middle aged and truly kind. She wanted to do everything for me- she could visibly tell I was really sick. I was going to bike the few miles after Dayville to the campsite I was supposed to stay at, but she insisted to drive me.

I pitched my tent and she left. I really needed to sleep and try to eat despite the real pain I felt when I put anything down my throat.

A lot of TransAmers would feel mad if they got this sick because they would be forced to make up the time somewhere else. I guess I “cheated” by hopping in a friend’s car, but that’s OK with me if it happens when I truly need it. I truly needed it. It takes sitting down for 15 minutes to swallow a bottle of water.

For me I know that I have health problems and my immunity is lower than most people’s. I don’t like to cheat, but the entire experience is not about saying that I biked exactly 3,644 miles or whatever. It’s about the things I learn on the way and getting back home in full health. And I am not self-conscious to admit any small lack of mileage. With that being said, I am biking across the country. It’s a challenge and I want to keep accepting that brutal challenge everyday that I am minimally physically capable of it.