Day 3

Day 3

I woke up to the sound of crashing waves at Cape Lookout State Park. The beach was stunning. I stayed in the hiker area and met a few other biker tourers. The were both headed south to the California border. One of them was actually from Baton Rouge of all places. We talked about all kinds of Baton Rouge stuff. It was actually truly unbelievable. We basically rode together for a few hours until I headed east. I said a sad goodbye to the coast and hit some hills. The day was 53 miles in total. I didnt go any further because I met a great family at a fruit stand I stopped at. The had dealt with cyclers before and wanted to give me a lawn to sleep on. That’s where I lay now.

They were some of the hardest working, and simply kind people I knew. There’s always going to be a need in the world for people like that.

Funny enough, Miley Cyrus’ song — the climb-. has been great inspiration at times. It makes complete sense.

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