Day 4

Day 4-

I awoke this morning to the roosters on the farm. The entire family who had hosted me was up before I was- at the crack of dawn. It was amazing to see them running around hard at work while I sluggishly packed up my tent and things. They truly knew how to work.

I met other bikers in the morning on my way out of a convenience store. They were traveling up the coast from California on a tandem.

I was fortunate to have a relatively flat day, but it was one I had planned to be 85 miles. It was long, but I had a great stop in Corvallis at a local sandwich shop. They sold muffaletas out of all things. He said his inspiration was a New Orleans sandwich shop! One the way out he gave me cocoa leaves to chew on for a natural energy boost. I’m saving them for a tough day.

I traversed through the valley — Corvallis ( Latin —. Heart of The Valley) and had a great afternoon because I began to feel that the first few days of peddling were paying off. I felt strong and I was cruising. I made it to the campsite after buying some beans to cook- that was a mistske. I had a Crohns reaction to it, surprisingly. Anyway, I had already travelled 240 miles over the first 3.5 days so I had no reservations to take a day off. I will be here again tomorrow and hope to plan out my route for the next week.