Day 6

Day 6

Probably my best day yet. I got out of bed at an early hour and took my dandy time cooking breakfast and breaking camp. Today would be a 60-something miler. The day began as I headed east out of Eugene splitting fields of wild flowers. The hills started to roll, but it was never a strenuous day. The margins were wide for the most part. The highlight was finding a diner in Vida, OR and taking advantage of my last paid meal for at least a day- tonight I camp in the Three Sisters Wilderness so I can climb and descend McKenzie Pass tomorrow.

I chowed down at the diner and met some really nice older ladies who were headed to Sisters that day to see the rodeo weekend ( I’m very lucky because I will see it). The asked all about my trip and made sure I took advantage of McKenzie Pass before it opened up to cars. I will be going that way because my Warm Showers host in Sisters insisted also. It’s a bit steeper, but the views are supposed to be unreal.

I pulled in to my campsite at the base of the ascent early and cooked up some dang good oatmeal. The flowing stream 20 feet from my campsite makes everything better. FINALLY, I realized and followed through on what I was to be doing on this trip- simply being my conscious self. I meditated and realized the awesomeness of this experience. That is the reason I came out here. I didn’t come out here to survive, I came here to be. I came here to be, and be so I can take being back with me.

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