Day 7

Day 7

The 3500 foot climb up to McKenzie Pass. This one was a big one, let me tell ya. I woke up feeling ready for the challenge that was ahead. I knew I had to bike 22 miles of steep- grade. I would have to deal with the elevation and drag my 85 pound rig with me.

The land was beautiful. It was to be my last morning in dark green western Oregon land. I would cross and would be in arid line forests. I peddalled, I stopped, I snacked. I repeated this series numerous times. 3.5 hours later, travelling at a snails pace, I reached the summit- 5,300 feet. I drove through lava flows at the top and then hiked up to an observatory to take it in. I had some good discussions with other cyclers about my trip. All very interested and encouraging.

The downhill was the reward. I cruised down that hill really quickly and took a nice ride through Sisters, OR. There is a rodeo this weekend so it was quite festive. I pulled up to the nice house I would be staying tonight and met Jill. We talked about everything. Jim is her husband and the touring cycler. The were so kind to offer me food, laundry, a shierr, and a bed. The experience has been so nice. I can’t thank them enough their help and company. Now I have this comfy bed to hit.

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