Day 8

Day 8

A nice view change today. After the McKenzie Pass crossing, I was now officially in Central Oregon. It’s drier here as compared to the wet coastal area filled with fur trees and streams for days. Mr. Jim had suggested I take an alternative route to the town I was aiming for but it would be 10 miles longer. He knew his stuff so I was glad to take the advice.

The ride was a beauty. I could have sworn I was in the setting of an old western film with cowboys and Native Americans. The words “Home on the Range” were the perfect fit. Dry cliffs contained miles and miles of pastures of cows and horses. There was not a town for miles.

My day was beautiful but I would not be able to make it to the campsite I was.trying to get to because I took a longer route. I will just have a long day tomorrow and it will be a long, hard day at that.

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