Day 9

Day 9

This day will go down as the day the kicked my rear. I woke up and knew I was going to peddle 85 miles. I was going to have 2 huge climbs. I knew I would have a nice downhill at times, but the claims were tougher than anticipated. It was actually very hot up in the Oregon high desert. This was a stark contrast to the past week of peddling. I made it up the first pass and was delighted to see that one done. After enjoying the beautiful downhill I found myself in a tiny cowboy town called Mitchell. One restaurant and one store. Population- 150.

I met two gentlemen who were on the way out to Eastern Oregon in their SUV to pick of John’s bike. John had started his self-supported, race across America about a week ago. He had made it almost to Idaho before in 2 DAYS!! He barely slept and biked at night too. He was forced to quit because I had terrible infections where bikers get them. He was too sick to continue. They were pleased to meet me and I them. They bought me lunch.

The hardest part of the day was the vertical climb out of that town. This was the hottest part of the day. I struggled up that mountain. The trip down was long and not as downhill as I had thought.

I was exhausted when I had reached John Day and the church that was hosting me. I was beat. However I tried to hang on as long as I could before retiring because there were other recyclers to meet there.

Some are going my way and I hope to ride with them for some time.