Digital advertising has grown out of control — at least that’s what the team at Brave believes. The browser they have built blocks all advertisements and trackers by default, eliminating the need for any kind of ad blocking extension. This creates a browsing experience that is twice as fast as other leading browsers and keeps your privacy fully protected.

Publishers should not be quick to condemn Brave for stripping them of their revenue generating ads. There is a much more ambitious plan in the works to re-establish harmony once again between advertiser, publisher and user. …

VR, AR, and MR are going to change the world! We will all be wearing headsets everywhere by 2025! Life as we know it will be changed forever! Businesses that don’t capitalize on this seismic shift in technology and culture will be doomed! This is The Fourth Transformation: How Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything in a nutshell.

I consider myself a casual VR, AR & MR enthusiast (which I will refer to simply as VR for brevity sake from now on). …

This is an extended version of a post originally published to AdExchanger.

If you haven’t heard yet, restrictions regarding autoplay and inline video will be lifted in Safari for iOS 10. Google is following suit with the same relaxation of the rules in Chrome 53 for Android. These moves open up a huge opportunity for mobile web video to explode. Check out my previous post on the subject if you want more context regarding the situation.

The new rules of mobile web video are a potential saving grace for publishers looking to create new unique mobile video inventory. They also…

At long last, true autoplay video on mobile web has arrived. Apple has announced that Webkit, the open source web browser engine that powers the iOS Safari browser, will support autoplay and inline video in iOS 10. Google has also announced that Chrome for Android 53 will support mobile web autoplay video.

What’s changing and why do I care?

This is a very big deal and could profoundly change the entire mobile web browsing experience as we know it. In all previous versions of iOS, watching videos from the browser meant two things:

  1. Videos required a user gesture to initiate…

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I pre-ordered the electronic credit card

Coin is a small device that replaces all of your credit cards. Using a credit card reader similar to a Square, you swipe each credit card you want it to store and that data is beamed wirelessly to Coin via bluetooth. A physical button on the device allows you to toggle between which credit card is being used.

While the arrival of a device like Coin is novel and new, I don’t think it was quite unexpected. …

Photo by John Mithcell

The M7 Processor may reveal future plans concerning an iWatch. 

The iPhone 5C and 5S were all but confirmed leading up to the recent iPhone event via leaked images and reports. Both of the most compelling new selling points of each phone were no surprise to anyone. A leaked photo of the iPhone 5S confirmed the fingerprint sensor and pictures of the 5C packaging confirmed a cheaper plastic iPhone in various colors. So CEO Tim Cook had nothing “game-changing” to reveal to us.

How much longer do we have to wait for something new? What happened to the magic that Steve Jobs supposedly left behind? Didn’t he tell Walter Isaacson…

Trey Titone

Product Manager, SpotX

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