Advanced Networking Settings Update

Still does not work for me. Looks like the firmware update wasn’t pushed to my routers. Support said it’ll take 24–72 hrs (I called 80 hrs ago).

What I would like to see in future revisions

  • Default the DHCP reservation to the current IP address instead of having the user fill it in (I had to install Fing to find what the IP address of my devices were).
  • Ability to change the channel number. My router is on channel 6 which is what all my neighbors are on too. My stumbler don’t see much traffic on channel 11. I thought the Luma was suppose to pick the lease crowded channel?
  • A display of the firmware version on the router as well as an option to manually downloading and installing the firmware.
  • QoS
  • DDNS (no a big deal, almost every device can update it)
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