How to start your day with positivity, maintain it and overcome obstacles in your life!

I was taking a walk near my place in DTLA this afternoon. Talking on the phone with my friend Shawn, I start ranting non-stop. Gotta really appreciate that I have a friend that always inspires me to talk, express myself and be a good listener for me. As my mind getting into a flow state, I really had some epiphanies that I would like to share. Before I start writing, I just want to give a big shoutout to Ryan Holiday, the author of two great books “Ego is the enemy” and “Obstacle is the way”. Definite should check it out if you haven’t read them.

  1. Here is how you should start your day. Go take a walk in the morning, so you feel more alive. You can feel that connection to the real world. Be aware that the connection is not just through the screens of your electronic devices like how we spend most of time on, but there are people, real people, walking by, walking on the street that you can interact with them in person if you find them interesting. What’s strange to me is that, just by taking a walk, I realize there’s so much to appreciate in life, the trees, the flowers, the blue sky, and just so much positive energy flowing into my body. Taking a walk in the morning, this is how you can start your day with a good mood.
  2. Don’t question why the situation is like this or why she or he did this. That’s gonna really drive you crazy because it’s hard to figure out what other people think. If you gonna get the benefit of questioning, question yourself, why you feeling this way, what lead you to this state of mind (not even what lead to the situation because you don’t have full control of the situation). Then ask yourself what you can do to get into a better state of mind which will potentially lead to a better situation. It all starts from the mind.
  3. Obstacles suck especially when you expect to have less obstacles. The abundance of opportunities doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna get easier for you. It could sometimes get harder, because of the intensity of competition. Because you are still who you are. You get what you deserve because of who you are, not what you want. So don’t expect things to get easier. So what mindset should you have? I would say be excited! Be excited that there’s such abundance of opportunities, but also be excited that there’s such abundance of competition, I mean higher level competition that you can learn from. Sometimes, “ego is the enemy”. Your ego may tell you that you are good, you are cool, you don’t need to compete to “prove yourself”, all you need to do is “collaborate”. But that’s your ego being afraid of failures. Collaborating? You think and PayPay would collaborate and merge into one big company if one of them is a tiny bitty fish? No! You collaborate when you have something good to offer, or when you are at the same level of competition. So drop all the excuses. You need to remember “the obstacle is the way”. Appreciate all the obstacles. Say if you are in a scarcity of resources, opportunities, and competitions, you wouldn’t even have a chance to see those obstacles and leverage them as the way to level up and grow. You would probably get stuck where you are even though you know there’re people on a different level rocking it and doing some amazing stuff. So be excited, and embrace the opportunities, the competition and the obstacles.
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