I did not wait for 12 midnight and greet anyone with happy new year. I mean, for me there’s nothing new. It feels like nothing changed. Oh, right. Nothing changed at all. Admit it.

I just lay at my bed, stared at nowhere. ignored the loud firework effects outside. I got no new years resolution, too. Just wanna continue living my life. My boring life.

I am not bitter!

I just thought that, there’s nothing that will change. But, still.. I am looking forward this 2018. And, uh. My year started SO boring. And if I said so, as in. To the point that I just slept all day long. Gonna wake up to eat. Sleep again. That’s my first day this year. Tell me how to not get bored.

Some people welcomes 2018 happily and then will suffer the whole year. Oh, at least they’ve been happy even for just a day.

I am not bitter! Again.

But the truth is, I’ve been thinking of good things to do this year. There’s a lot of thoughts like will 2018 gonna be good to me? Is this year brings luck? Or, misery? Will it save my life from boringness — WHAT? boringness? HAHA. What a word!

I hope even this year started too boring and sleepy for me, will be a good year and lucky. Time flies so fast. Hays, just yesterday it’s 2017 and now.. it’s 2018 already. (I’m stating the obvious, uh.)

This is just the day 1. There’s 364 to go! Good luck everyone and happy new year! (I’m feeling close, sorry!)

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