RIA will be listed on Russian exchanges!

RIA will be listed on the Russian exchange on November 24, 2018. The opening event of the KEX Russian branch will be held.

The great pleasure and expectation that RIA can be used in Russia with many virtual currency users. It will be a big topic for TRIAM users.Do you feel the moment when the TRIAM network spreads to the world?

The step just started. Let’s move on to a big stage

【TRIAM Developer News】

TRIAM developers continue to have excellent talent. In 2019 you will be able to show more advanced TRIAM. Evolution into TRIAM Version 2 is proceeding smoothly.TRIAM provides a system that can be used more conveniently. You will not be perplexed by the violently evolving system and you can keep using it.There is no need to suffer from the troublesome operation and manual.

Please expect TRIAM version up!