Forbes shortlists Triangle Africa amongst other startups in the 2020 Digital Startup Accelerator Program

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Some of you might have found out from our social media platforms — we are excited to announce our participation in the ongoing Digital Startup Accelerator by Forbes and Global Startup Ecosystem.

The Forbes digital accelerator program is designed to guide small businesses, startups, social enterprises, and freelancers in Nigeria to build and scale our systems for the future.

The virtual training began on June 2, 2020, and we have enjoyed outstanding presentations from the speakers line up. The program started with an overview of Forbes and GSE’s (Global Startup Ecosystem); week two’s agenda centered on mental health, personal development, and personal branding.

Week 3 is underway and as we graduate into the program, we also look forward to Demo Day — where we will have the opportunity to virtually showcase our product, pitch our company, and get global exposure for our brand.

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We couldn’t be more proud of this opportunity and wanted to congratulate every member of our community, this is a win for us all.

See the announcement on Forbes website and GSE website.

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Triangle Africa is using AI to help young people in Africa make smarter and reliable career decisions. #InterestDiscovery

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