Last week was hard.

This week, I’m finding myself missing the team (the whole DDB crew), the office, the highs and lows of meetings, the wins, the lessons, and most of all the none contextual but fulfilling chit chat and passing “hello.”

I can 100% say that I am not ready to live in…

Domestic and international tourism will have the most profound effect on our country, so too trade with our partners. Our economy will change, so will our daily lives, but Australia has done it tough before, and will get through it again, in a way that only Australia can. Together.

Externally, Australia was often referred to as the lucky country. Great lifestyle, solid economy, good people and well placed in South East Asia for partnerships and trade. Lucky, supposedly. But this is not the full story, the whole story, the story that we should sell, or believe.

This is a…

Tribal Australia

A place where creativity, humanity and technology ignite your growth in an era of experiences

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