Product Hunt:

Sunday bloody Sunday

What happens when you are unexpectedly featured on Product Hunt on a lazy August Sunday afternoon? Spoiler alert: if you are not ready for Product Hunt, it is good.


On August 9th, 4:01PM (here in Italy), I was about to enter a movie theater with an old friend of mine when I got an email from the Google Alert I have on “Tribecube”, the name of my startup.

I can’t believe the news today

What the …? We never submitted to Product Hunt, nor did we have any submitter friend. Still Tribecube was featured on Product Hunt, and eventually we even made it to the Top 10 for that day.

First of all I checked that our service was still up. Then, I peeked at our website access statistics (they were skyrocketing), sent an email to the team and enjoyed the movie — the night suddenly started to look sooo long.

I’m thrilled with the results and it’s nice to see the power of the dynamic community at Product Hunt. Here’s what came of our unexpected Sunday feature on Product Hunt.

Interlude: what is Tribecube?

In short, Tribecube provides work teams with text chat, file sharing, full indexing and multi-party video meetings with screen sharing, all in a browser-based consistent workspace. It is a desktop application based on Material Design, too (seriously, how many do you know?).

The team communication/collaboration space is becoming quite crowded. Tribecube is characterized by the strong focus on video meetings (our previous exit was in the videoconferencing software market) and a not-so-hidden agenda: becoming the Google Now for the enterprise (but that’s a longer story).

(NOT) Ready, steady, go

Back to being featured on Product Hunt.

You need to understand that we were not ready at all. We never submitted Tribecube to Product Hunt, we had no heads up of what was coming, no dedicated landing page, no special offer or coupon for the community— heck, we had no premium plans yet!

So in the evening I just had to make the best of it.

What I did: thanked the hunter and all upvoters one by one on Twitter, followed them, spread the word to our friends and crafted a newsletter to our users to let them know we were on Product Hunt.

What I did not: everything else you can find in so many useful articles explaining how to get the most out of being featured on Product Hunt.

Some Numbers

On that very Sunday, web site traffic and signup shot up 25x compared to the average of previous days. On Monday they reached an even higher peak. Yes, 25 times. On a free listing service.

Website visits

In four days we had 2052 visits and 222 signups from Product Hunt.

The average signup conversion rate for our Google AdWords test campaigns usually is around 6%, while the one associated to Product Hunt’s referral traffic in these days nearly doubled up to 10.91%.


Because we were not ready to give the community the attention it deserves, it is possible that in a working day’s posting we had fallen out of the home page, lost in the “click to see more products” limbo.

On Sunday, there are less product submissions, and the teams are not as ready with all their social media mumbo jumbo (at least we weren’t!). The actual product features alone have a more unbiased and honest impact.

You may think that a Sunday posting isn’t ideal, but here’s my take on what happened to us: if you are not ready to be hunted on Product Hunt, it is good if this happens on Sunday.

I think us being prepared could have made a difference, but I still really enjoyed the ride!

A big thank you to the Product Hunt team (special mention to Jacqueline, thank you for the kind and supportive email!), Kevin William David (founder of Walletkit) for giving attention to Tribecube and submitting it, all our upvoters and all the great community of Product Hunters!

Cristoforo Mione