I am enough.

This day I got my guardian angel back again.

Somebody gave it to me at a distance.

A healer freed me of my curse.

The curse who had been traveling with my wise old curious soul for thousands of lives.

I am 51 years old and free.

Free of mind, calm in my actions.

To be a coach, healer or artist or all three of them.

Just typing now, not looking at the screen.

I experienced it before.

406 days ago was one of those moments.

I decided to start creating.

Create from the heart.

Create forom being the awesome me.

Remembering I was able to create each day earlier in my life.

Combining knowledge.

Searching for it, selecting the knowledge that resonated the most and costed the least effort.

Today I realized I gave you a lot on this blog already.

To be awesome and lead an awesome life.

From the awareness you were born as an awesome human being.

Sometimes I gave you lists, like the 141 ways to be awesome, kind and appreciative things to experience or to give in your life to others.

But also tips, for instance, how to boost your rock solid reputation.

Most of the time I tried to create some understanding about how to live in an loving, peaceful, happy, successful, playful and purposeful way.

Yesterday things changed profoundly.

Like I experienced when I disocvered the three main questions to answer in your life.

I had an insight yesterday, which continues to sustain in a new awareness I am experiencing.

The insight of being able to be enough and at the same time being a unique, creative, curious, loving, peaceful and joyful human being.

Knowing that thoughts cause feelings.

Knowing that thoughts come and go. so why bother about them.

I am not my thoughts.

You are not your thoughts.

I was studying today, watching and listening to videos, making notes, summarizing the essentials of the knowledge I was acquiring.

I was exercising today, lovely weather outside.

And I was calm while doing it all, no pressure to finish something to get to another activity or appointment.

Just being with the activity or being with nothing at all, I took a nap also, you know.

Like now, I am still calm, no hurries, no pushing this to go to sleep, or still needing to send some email or do some postings on the web, not thinking the title of this article over and over.

It looks like I am satisfied.

Satisfaction coming from a open space full of possibilities.

They come and they go, those possibilities.

Normally I would dive in right now.

I can wait now.

Wait for the one that keeps popping up, that keeps coming back.

That’s the best one.

That’s the one my quardian angel will keep remembering me to act upon.

To create something beautiful for you and myself.

Stay here, I will give it to you as a tremendous gift.

Once more and then over and over again and again.

Let us see what the night and tomorrow will bring.

Have the dreams that will be there anyway.

Love all, play to the max, achieve anything. Be Awesome.

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