I Have Always Been A Multipotentialite

Meaning; I have multiple talents and interests.

I am interested in being a trainer, a coach, a speaker, a treasure hunter, a writer, an explorer, a facilitator, a singer, a dancer, a mentor, a soccerplayer.

I would love to be a martial art expert as well.

And a community leader.

And a revolutionist.

Emilie Wapnick is one as well.

She serves people like herself to position and brand themselves in a world where we love to put people in a ‘box.’

A box of specialists.

I never heard of the term ‘multipotentialite’.

Until I discovered Emilie.

Someone with many interests and creative pursuits.

A renaissance person. A polymath. A scanner, not a diver. Barbara Sher wrote a book about it; ‘Refuse to Choose.’

They are not divers.

They are bright. They are smart. They are fast thinkers. They are multi talented. They love all the things they do and are interested in.

Being a multipotentialite is about having multiple exceptional skills, any of which could fulfill your heart’s work to make the world a better place.

The whole world will tell them to dive into one thing, focus on it and it will grow.

So, sometimes they are lost, ashamed and feeling guilty.

I have had those feelings as well. Piles of it.

Sometimes I wondered if I was a trainer.

Sometimes I wondered if I was a coach.

Sometimes I wondered if I would be a singer.

Sometimes I wondered if I was to be a famous writer.

Sometimes I wondered if I could have been a world class soccerplayer.

It’s a blessing and a curse, having all these trajectories… and the more we focus on the blessing, the better equipped we are to actually do it all (or, most of it).

- Sara Yamtich

Tx to one of my readers and the knowledge of Emilie and Barbara I discovered I am not only great in connecting through training, coaching (performance, leadership, life, personal effectiveness, sales, management, communications), speaking, talking, motivating, energizing, playing soccer but also creating in silence blog posts and searching for new knowledge.

This disclosure provides a tremendous peace of mind.

It is a relief.

Frankly I didn’t even expect it today.

I felt lousy.

My mood reminded me of my former wife when she said; ‘You are not allowed to behave cantankerous.’

It happens to be one of the characteristics of a multipotentialite…

And another thing, I never thought I belonged to any group.

Yeah, maybe I belonged to the creative supernovas, the life artists, the cultural creatives. The yellow ones some say.

Most of the time I thought I was so remarkable that I could not be fitted in any kind of box or compartment or speciality.

Somehow I sometimes had a hunch (intuition or inner guidance system…?) that I was pretty good at a lot of things.

I know now I belong to the multipotentialites.

It’s a relief I can tell you.

One way of the other, everyone wants to belong to something.

I had to grow into the age of 51 to disover it….

To what group do you belong?

What would you say?

Anything is OK.

Anything is right for you.

I called you an awesomizer because that’s what we all have in common.

It’s just common sense.

Whether you are a specialist or not, you are awesome in awesomizing others. You do it all the time.

That’s the big goal of me being a multipotentialite, awesomizing in many ways so the number of awesomizers will grow in the world. From 2% to 4%.

That’s my power. It’s also your power.

I can do anything to achieve that goal if I choose to.

I am building a community on Meetup, I train, coach and facilitate people live at http://www.theawesomenessrevolution.com, I write my articles here on my blog and I train young people in becoming a great soccer player.

Whose gonna tell me what to do next?

I am.

Whose gonna tell you what to do next?

Whether you are a multipotentialite or not.

You are.

Love all, play to the max, achieve anything. Be Awesome.