Is Your Life A Hot Date?

What is the best you can do?

Can you remember your last hot date?

If not try it with your spouse. Redo the first date all over again. With the consciousness you have now.

It will be great fun I’m sure.

Maybe it’s the only thing to do to be successful. Show up each day like it is a hot date.

Not for the sake of the hot date.

But for your own sake and to experience a great life.

People will pick up on your vibe.

Your excitement is high.

Your expectations are high.

You feel alive.

You feel nervous a little bit but it’s not a bad feeling, it’s a nice tension.

You look forward to the experience.

You prepare yourself thoroughly.

And, you know, showing up each day to your life like it is a hot date will lead to your success, happiness and feeling well. Nothing else to do.

Your potential will naturally arise.

One thing to warn you for. You’re not being fully present for that date. You’re being present for the creation of your own life, of your own hot date.

Maybe they are others there, maybe not.

As long at you show up with the best you can do.

Not 110%, just 100% is OK. Don’t push it. Just be 100%. That’s hot enough.


Love all, play to the max, achieve anything. Be Awesome.

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