Teachers Must Be Champions

Today I got a Google Plus message from Attila Ovari, one my subscribers to this Blog. Thanx Attila! He posted a TED video from Rita Pierson, find it here. Her speech carries the title; ‘Every kid needs a champion’. And my God, is she right!!

My kids have not yet had the privilege of having one teacher who really understands this. They are 14 and 16 years old. Maybe I’m there favorite teacher. However that’s not relevant.

I often wondered about the behavior of teachers and schools in particular. They do not seem to know the rule of giving 5 compliments before being able or allowed to mention one thing a kids needs to improve.

My kids were even at a school for 6 years where they gave kids yellow and red cards for misbehaving on the schoolyard. They never heard of green cards to be given awarding good behavior. I suggested it, they thought I was mental!!?

I myself had the privilege of having two amazing trainers in my football career. I still remember who they are, what they did and how they stimulated me in a profound way to get the most out of my talent. I pray for my kids to have the same experiences.

How to make teaching attractive? Using art?

Watch this.

How do you engage your audience, maybe as a teacher for kids or maybe as a teacher for the adults?

Where are the kids? In barbershops, at (rap)concerts, in black church, at schoolparties (DJ’s), watching hiphop videos, watching funny videos, looking at Snapchat recordings, watching talentshows, playing games.

That’s where they are.

What can you learn from this as a teacher for kids?

1. Better copy how a DJ enjoys his music and fires up the crowd jumping up and down.

2. Better study a rapper or hiphopper using his voice to the max expressing himself while dancing and moving around.

3. Better watch talentshows and watch people perform who are really crap or really talented.

4. Better watch funny videos and be on Snapchat.

5. Better use the attributes game designers use. They know how to engage kids so they can experience epic wins at every level.

By the way, where are the epic wins for the kids while attending school?

Why do all That?

You will dive into the world of your audience. You will understand what they find attractive. You will copy moves and use them as well when you present your content to the students. You will use a lot of videos to underline your message. You will start to give 10 up till 20 compliments each day. You will make a mistake and say you are sorry in front of the entire class. You will present the content you present each year with passion like it is the first time you present it. You will develop your story telling skills. This makes sure they get far better grades that you’ve ever imagined.

This is what I use in training.

- Can I get a Yes? And if you don’t agree scream No! Like the referend in black church does.

- Applauding. When somebody states his personal action, I put them on a soapbox (their pedestal) and after the statement they will get a huge applause. Not some obligated applause.

- I almost always let people do a Silly Walk. Copying each other while I play some energetic music. Just to have some fun and to get the energy lifted. Stepping out of the comfortzone.

- I almost always do 1–2–3. Pairs standing oppositie of each other, counting 1–2–3 in turn. So A says 1, B says 2, A says 3 and B says 1 and so on. The following rounds they replace the speaking with all sorts of moves. Like jumping, wiggling, clapping and so on. It’s great fun and the exercise has a meaning as well. I can make something clear with it.

- Sometimes I tell people at the start of a training that I work on a therapeutical basis. Telling them I am a little bit crazy, saying strange things, doing weird exercises. I also ask them to be kind with me. Otherwise I will be thrown back in my recovery process. Asking them to leave out the ‘Yes, but’ or disagreeing with me. This opens up the connection. I step down from the pedestal. The hierarchy changes.

I could go on forever. These interventions make sure the audience remains engaged. Almost forgot, sometimes I keep silent, don’t know what to say next. The silence ensures somebody will come to my rescue.

Engage by being Engaged.

You are a teacher. I told you yesterday.

Whether you are a professional one or not, you have to be engaging. Step into the world of those you teach. The world of your child, your family members, your colleagues. Use the knowledge you get from their world and embrace it and make it your own. Then present your knowledge from their world. You will be amazed. Astonishing things will happen. It will be awesome.

Become Awesome!

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